Vaccine-Production Facility Fast-Tracked

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Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (VMIC)

West Siphonics has been selected to develop the Siphonic Roof drainage scheme for the new Vaccines Manufacturing Centre in Didcot, Oxford. This state-of-the-art building will benefit from our industry leading design with both Primary and Secondary siphonic rainwater drainage systems offering the greatest protection to the building and its invaluable contents. West Siphonics will Design, Manufacture and install 1400m of pipework to drain a total of 410 litres per second from the roof.

The rapid acceleration of this 7000 square-metre building due to the current Covid -19 pandemic means the doors will now open 12 months ahead of the scheduled date in 2022. Works began on the site at the Harwell Campus in early April, West Siphonics will commence with the installation of the systems in July.

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