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Siphonic design services

West Siphonics’ systems are designed using the technically advanced HydroStorm analytical software, based upon recognised hydraulic formulae and methodology and are verified by rigorous testing.

Our siphonic rainwater drainage systems are designed in strict accordance with the theoretical principles and proven engineered solutions developed since the 1960s and comply with BS EN 12056-3:2000 and BS 8490.

West Siphonics issue the following drawings throughout the process of siphonics design to other contractors, and main contractors: Provisional, Approval, Construction, and As-Built drawings.

Our experienced siphonics design team can produce DWG and PDF design drawings in 2D and 3D formats to suit each project, with all designs PI Insurance covered.

West Siphonics also work closely with many architects during the project design period providing siphonics design assistance, specification, and technical information, and often attend design meetings to provide specialist siphonic advice.

West Siphonics Systems England Scotland Siphonic Syphonic Roof Drainage Specialists Design Manufacture Installation Syphonic Design Services
West Siphonics Systems England Scotland Siphonic Syphonic Roof Drainage Specialists Design Manufacture Installation Project Management and Health and Safety Services

Siphonic project management / health and safety services

West Siphonics has a highly motivated and experienced contracts management team who contribute significantly to our strong track record of successful siphonics project completion. Our contracts team are focused on project management excellence and have a total commitment to client service. Our objective is to deliver exceptional quality through the understanding of planning and the ability to be flexible through to the successful delivery of our siphonics projects.

The health and safety of our employees, and others who may be affected by our undertakings, is the priority of the West Siphonics Directors. We work in close partnership with AB&H Safety Services Limited and RBS Mentor Health and Safety Services to ensure we are fully compliant with health and safety regulations and incorporate health and safety practices in to everything we do.

Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility and our project managers co-ordinate, deliver, review, and amend our site health and safety programme with assistance and input from all West Siphonics operatives, to ensure our siphonics projects are completed safely.


About AB&H Safety Services

It is your responsibility as an employer to make sure that your employees are safe. Failure to do so can result in accidents and injuries, disruption of everyday business, fines, and possibly even criminal charges. Adrian Bracken, our Director, is committed to making your business’s relationship with Health and Safety seamless and easy. As a team, we work with your organisation to ensure that your H&S policy is compliant and legal. 

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Siphonic manufacturing services

West Siphonics has evolved over many years and is now providing offsite solutions through our advanced siphonics manufacturing facilities in Yorkshire and Ayrshire. We provide the industry with the largest facility of its kind. Prefabricated rainwater management systems are produced using EN1519 grade materials and all fusion joints are carried out using the latest techniques, meeting the required WIS specification.

Our commitment to quality and excellence is demonstrated by independent third-party inspection. Our fusion joints are inspected using the latest BDI, tensile and crush test techniques.

All fusion joints and materials used are fully traceable through the entire manufacture and installation process using our company ISO9001:2015 Business Management System. Our siphonics production staff and installation teams are all qualified to carry out both Butt Fusion and Electrofusion joints; third-party qualification can be presented upon request.

Our offsite siphonics manufacturing facilities and fusion methods can offer significant benefits to our clients when compared with traditional methods.

Our off-site methods improve the following:

  • Reduction in siphonics installation time on site
  • Reduction in site deliveries
  • Reduction of on-site waste

As set out within our Environmental Policy (EN14001:2015), our approach offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional methods which are very labour-intensive, time-consuming, and detrimental to the environment.

We are proud of the high standards we have achieved and are committed to continual improvement.

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West Siphonics Systems England Scotland Siphonic Syphonic Roof Drainage Specialists Design Manufacture Installation Services

Siphonic installation services

West Siphonics management fully appreciates the importance of co-ordination and communication with other services on each project. We make clear the importance of close communication with the roofing contractor, but also with all other services we may encounter during the progress of the project. The safety and smooth progress of the project is our overriding priority.

We provide material and plant suppliers with site start dates, site contacts, and contact numbers for all siphonics projects and notify them of site delivery times if applicable. All our suppliers are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 accredited.

All site activities are covered in our site-specific Method Statement / Risk Assessment, and in circumstances where there are other trades operating directly with West Siphonics operatives, the Method Statement / Risk Assessment will reflect this additional hazard.

West Siphonics experienced siphonics installation teams are highly trained in all aspects of installing siphonic roof drainage systems with EUSR certification in Electro Fusion / Butt Fusion welding, working at height and in all other H&S aspects relevant to their tasks.

All siphonic systems installed are subject to recognised testing procedures in accordance with BS8490:2007 and BSEN12056-3:2000 which is included in our Completion of Installation Certificate.


Siphonic maintenance services

The high velocity, full bore water flow within our siphonic roof drainage system means a minimal amount of maintenance is required as the siphonic system is self-cleansing.

The West Siphonics HydroStorm 75 Siphonic baffle is designed to allow smaller-sized debris from the roof/gutter to enter the siphonic system pipework as it is flushed out during the rainfall.

As detailed within our Operations & Maintenance Manual, issued on completion of every West Siphonics project, the essential maintenance for a siphonic roof drainage system takes place on the roof where a routine cleaning and maintenance programme is required.

Simply ensure the siphonic outlets remain free from blockage and you will enjoy trouble-free roof drainage for the life of the building – that is the beauty of a West Siphonics siphonic roof drainage system.

West Siphonics Systems England Scotland Siphonic Syphonic Roof Drainage Specialists Design Manufacture Installation Syphonic Maintenance Services