Siphonics Manufacture


West Siphonics has evolved over many years and is now providing offsite solutions through our advanced manufacturing facilities in Yorkshire and Ayrshire, providing the industry with the largest facility of its kind. Prefabricated Rainwater Management Systems are produced using EN1519 grade materials and all fusion joints are carried out using the latest techniques, meeting the required WIS specification. Our commitment to quality and excellence is demonstrated by independent third party inspection.  Our fusion joints are inspected using the latest BDI, Tensile and Crush Test techniques. All fusion joints and materials used are fully traceable through the entire manufacture and installation process using our company ISO9001:2015 business management system.

Our production staff and installation teams are all qualified to carryout both Butt Fusion and Electrofusion joints; third party qualification can be presented upon request. Our offsite manufacturing facilities and fusion methods can offer significant benefits to our clients when compared with traditional methods. Our off site methods improve the following:

  • Reduction in installation time on site
  • Reduction in site deliveries
  • Reduction of on-site waste

As set out within our Environmental Policy (EN14001:2015), our approach offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional methods which are very labour intensive, time-consuming and detrimental to the environment. We are proud of the high standards we have achieved and are committed to continual improvement.