Your Specialist Siphonics Contractor

Our Philosophy

West Siphonics are siphonic roof drainage specialists providing a one stop solution for design, manufacture, installation and project management of the most advanced siphonic roof drainage systems to cater  for today’s changing climate. 

Founded in 2004, and with design, manufacturing and distribution facilities in both South Yorkshire and East Ayrshire, West Siphonics are now a leading Siphonic Roof Drainage Specialist working closely with many architects and main contractors providing advice and design information to assist with all early design issues.  West Siphonics management has over 25 years’ experience in Project Management and installation of siphonic roof drainage systems and possess an in-depth knowledge of the siphonic roof drainage industry.  Repeat Business is integral to our company philosophy and we are focussed on meeting exacting standards to provide clients with a quality and trouble-free service from early design, to installation, through to operation and maintenance.

Siphonic Roof Drainage

Siphonic Roof Drainage is an innovative technique allowing the effective removal of large volumes of rainwater using the minimum of pipework. Developed in Scandinavia during the late 1960’s, significant development and improvements in the design of siphonic systems have taken place with particular reference to construction methods in the UK and Ireland and offers a typical cost saving of 20% to 25% over conventional gravity drainage.  

Implementing a siphonic roof drainage system requires the consideration of numerous factors in order to gain maximum benefit and ensure the roof drainage system will cope with the heaviest of rainstorms.